Factors Affecting Utiliza None of Antenatal Care and Service Preference Among Currently Married Rural Women in Bacho Woreda, South West Showa Zone

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Addis Abeba university


This study is conducted on factors affecting utilization of ANC and service preference in Bacho woreda of South west Showa Zone. ANC is expected to be important to ensure timely detection, management and referral of complications during pregnancy and delivery. ANC plays a decisive role in the development of fetus and infants. Hence, the issue of ANC occupies a prominent place on public health agenda and health planners and implementers should be identified those major barriers to ANC service which are base line intervention for reducing adverse effect of pregnancy. The objective of this study is to assess factors affecting utilization of antenatal care and service preference among currently married women in Bacho Woreda. The study was carried out by employing interviewer administered questionnaire in selected kebeles of the woreda. A total of 423 currently married rural women were selected to achieve the stated objective of the study. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the survey data. The study found out that 30.3% and women in the study area received ANC from health facilities five years prior to the survey. 40.4% of women also preferred modern maternity care service Fom health facilities. The multivariate analysis using logistic regression model examined the likelihood of utilization of ANC by assessing the independent strength of demographic variables in model 1, socio-physical factors in model 2 and the over all effects of the selected predictors in model 3. The result showed that there are significant variations in the use of ANC with education of mother, physical distance travel on foot, parity, and with age of mother at recent birth. Finally, improvement in access of utilization of ANC in rural districts, improvingfemale education through formal and informal education, considering age women during ANC campaign, providing maternity service at nearby location, improving women's socioeconomic right and enhancing female health care providers in health facilities are some of the recommendation in this study



Affecting Utiliza None of Antenatal Care