A Study on the Shear Lag Effect and Efficiency of Reinforced Concrete Framed Tube and Trussed Tube Structural System

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Addis Ababa University


The efficiency of the framed tube structural system as a function of shear lag factor and as a function of the ratio of cantilever deflection contribution to the total lateral deflection is investigated in the present study. The distribution of axial force at different height and the lateral deflection components of the structure with varying height for two groups of buildings with different alignment of corner rectangular column are calculated and results are illustrated in graphical format. The result indicates efficiency calculated as a function of shear lag factor is not always directly proportional to efficiency calculated as the contribution of cantilever deflection to that of total lateral sway. Additionally reinforced concrete trussed tube buildings which are formed by filling selected spaces between the columns with shear wall on the exterior of the building is analyzed and the result indicate the addition of multi-story bracing significantly reduce the shear lag effect and lateral deflection of the structure.



Shear Lag Effect, Reinforced Concrete, Trussed Tube, Framed Tube