The Cultural Significance of Irreechaa at Malkaa Ateetee

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The main aim of this thesis is to study the socio-cultural significance of irreechaa ritual among the Oromo and to make a particular investigation on Malkaa Ateetee ritual ceremony. The study was undertaken by descriptively analyzing socio-cultural values among the Oromo of Finfinnee Surrounding Oromia special zone of Burayyuu Town and Surrounding. The study identified that there are gaps in the level of understanding the cultural significance of irreechaa ritual among the Oromo society and other ethnic groups. A qualitative methodological approach is employed in eliciting information from different sources. In eliciting the necessary data, the study basically relied on primary sources comprising of officials and functionaries of the local administrations, community elders, women, youths, and participants in focus group discussions. With regard to collecting the primary data, interview: semi-structured interview, observation and focus group discussion were used. The secondary data was reinforced by conducting detailed review and analysis of literatures that also helped in formulating the theoretical frame work. According to the analyses and findings of this study, the irreechaa ritual is celebrated colorfully every year at the beginning of birraa (spring), new season after the dark and rainy summer season at Malkaa Ateetee, Buraayyuu in which most Oromo participate. The study reveals that, purposely Ateetee and Irreechaa have interconnected and relationship in the Oromo of the study area. It has promoted and enhanced understanding and unity among the Oromo. It has helped to build their common values and shared visions, and consolidated peace (Nageenya Oromo), tolerance and resilience as cultural contribution of the ritual and also there is a shortage of space where the festival takes place at the study area. Thus, a researcher provides a possible recommendation for the gaps and applies some anthropological theories to show the cultural significance of irreechaa ritual.



The Cultural Significance of Irreechaa at Malkaa Ateetee