The Perspective of Older War Veterans of Italo- Abyssinian War of 1935-41, on the Nature of Care they Receive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The increase in older population and situations affecting elders all over the world forced global and local stakeholders to give greater attention. Older adults in Ethiopia are vulnerable groups of community and are being challenged socially, psychologically and economically. Among these elders are those old war veterans who served their country during the Italo- Abyssinian war of 1935-41 G.C.; these veterans have been neglected and deprived of the at most care or support of all stakeholders and demands attention. This study tries to understand the attitudes of older war veterans about the nature of care they receive, the types of care available, challenges experienced and coping mechanism employed by older war veterans. In order to get rich information, the feeling and perception of people which cannot be understood statistically the research employed qualitative methodology, a phenomenological study design and key informant interview and document analysis methods with 7 older war veterans in Addis Ababa who have participated in the Italo- Abyssinian war of 1935-41 G.C.. The finding revels older war veterans encounter economic, social, political and health problems, in order to deal with the different life stressors they use crying, praying, working, forgiveness, bagging and relying on children as a coping mechanisms. More over the study came across the perception of patriots on the care they receive to be unsatisfied and below expectation. The study findings have implications for Social Work practice, education, for policy and research



Older war veterans; elders; care or support; patriots