Assessment of Warehouse Management Practices and Its Challenges: the Case of Dashen Brewery SC

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Addis Ababa University


The study focused on assessing the warehouse management practices of Dashen Brewery Share Company. The study's goal was to assess Dashen brewery Share Company's warehouse management practices and difficulties. In addition to the general goal, the study also aimed to accomplish some specific goals, such as reviewing Dashen brewery Share Company's warehouse management practices, major obstacles or bottlenecks, the technology used to manage the daily activities of the warehouse, and the level of warehouse performance and capacity. To collect the relevant data, the researcher used both input and promotional warehouses in Addis Ababa and Debre Birhan sites. The researcher adopted descriptive research design.71 employees from warehouse, finance, logistics, procurement and quality control departments were included in the study. The pertinent information acquired from primary as well as secondary sources. Generally, some findings indicate that Dashen Brewery SC's warehouse management practices are modest in terms of space utilization, warehouse standardization, technology use, and other safety measures. It has also discovered that the major challenges affecting the company's warehouse management practice, including a small labor force as compared to the work load, internal management problems, a lack of trainings, redundant processe and insufficient budget to standardize warehouse features.. Finally, based on the gaps identified, the company should streamline its warehousing operations by improving warehouse standardization, staff knowledge of warehousing operations, improving security and safety measures, and exploring the possibility of digitalizing warehousing operations



Warehouse, Technology