Practice And Challenges Of Project Team Management In Selected International Ngos In Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Project Management requires unique set of skills and techniques, different from those needed to manage other operations. Project managers face the challenges of working in a project environment characterized by high levels of uncertainty, cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams, and where there is high competition for competent human resources. Most project managers agree that the real project management challenges are not found in the technical aspects of the project but rather in the behavioral and organizational aspects of projects. People are at the center of projects as they plan, organize, direct, coordinate, and monitor project activities. Project human resources or Project team management is one of the most important tasks of project management. It is categorized as one of the ten project management knowledge areas which include the processes of acquiring, developing, managing, and leading the project team. Effective team management and leadership are fundamental for high team performance. Literatures on how to effectively manage project human resources in business or commercial projects exist extensively. However, a major area not being sufficiently covered in research is about project team management in non-governmental organizations. This research project attempted to discover and describe how project managers in the selected INGOs, acquire, develop, manage and lead their project teams and the particular challenges they face. The results revealed that in most areas effective project team management practices are applied whereas in some areas further improvement and investigation is needed



teamwork, team development, team management, team building