Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem, and Aggression and Their Relationship with Adolescent Students' Academic Achievement: The Case of Gambella National Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The objecrives of this srudy were ro invesrigare rhe relarionship berween adolescent selt:efficacy, selt:esleem, aggression, gender and rheir academic performance. The data were gathered through three Likerr rype scales (selt: efficacy selt:esreem, and aggression) and data On rheir academic peliol'll1ance were collectedfi'om rhe record offices of'rheir respecred schools. A roral of' 286 (2 2 5 males and 61 females) high school adolescent students ranging ./i'om 15 ro 18 years of age allending grade nine and ren in Ihe Gambella Region consrilute rhe sample. The sample was selecled rhrough proporrional srrarijied random sarnpling method. The resulls were analyzed using mean, slandO/·d deviarion. Pearson cOI'I'elarion, Hesr and mulriple regression. The lmercorelalion marrix resull indicared thar selt:eflicacy and academic achievemenr had a posilive con'elarion ofr=O. 15, p < 0.05; and aggression and academic achievemenl had a negarive correlalion ofr=-0.18, p < 0.01 ; and aggression and selt:esleem had a negarive correlation ofr=-0.22, p < 0.01. The contribulion of gender, aggression, sel/efficacy roger her accounred /01' 10. -10 percenr of variar ion 111 academic achievemem. Gender lvas positively and significantly relared ro academic achievemenl (r=0.20, p < 0.05). A srarisrically significanl difference was obtained in academic achievemem and aggression in favor of males r (284) =3. -13-1, p < 0.05 and r (28-1) =3.82, p < 0.05 respecrively Similarly. a slarisrically signijicanr difference was observed helween male and female selt: esteem scores in favor of' females (I (28-1) =--1.071. P < 0.05 in absolule value). However. rhe t-Iesl shows rhatno statistically signijicanl difference was observed berween male and female students in selt:efficacy t(284) = 1.1 09,p>0. 05. 11 indicates Ihm stue/ems' gender difference in/luences Iheir academic achievemenl. Hence, due alfemion should be given in enhancing selt:~flicacy and selt:esteem and minimiz ing aggression of adolescenr srudenls in orderifo facilira re a beller academic performance /n schools.