Improving the Performance of Short Distance Running in Some Selected First Division of Addis Abeba Athletics Club

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study is to improving the performance of short distance running focusing on 100, 200 and 400meter in some selected first division of Addis Ababa athletics club. Descriptive survey was the research method employed to conduct the investigation. The data were collected by means of questionnaires prepared in Amharic distributed to 30 athletes, 9 coaches, 9 administrative personnel and 2 Addis Ababa athletic federation experts by using simple random sampling techniques, document analysis and finally observation was used and then analyzed by using percentage and descriptive statement . The data were analyzed using both quantitatively and qualitatively. Accordingly the research revealed the following results; lack of scientific method of training and ignorant to the methodology of coaching. In addition to the quality and quantity of training track, lack of qualified coaches, lack of communication between coach and athlete, lack of scientific training methods and the training are not more related from short distance. There is no modern machine to support the gymnasium, lack of nutrition and sufficient rest. There are no individualized training methods compatible with the age of the club athletes. The club does not provide the necessary material. In Ethiopia there is no attention for short distance event. There is lack of coordination between the administrative personnel and coaches. The coaches are not motivated by their monthly payment and the administrative personnel do not evaluate the training process. If success solutions with successful answers are to be arrived at, providing modern training, if the administration is committed, the federation gives attention, the federation facilitates the external competition, within the club if there is short distance coach, the concerned bodies fulfill all equipments and give support, in order to create good administration in sport, the concerned body should discuses with the athletes so as to get improvement



Short Distance Running in Some Selected First Division