Personality Types and Academic Achievement Motivation as Correlates of College Academic Performance

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Addis Ababa University


Different research outcomes indicate that noncognitive variables play important roles in detemlining students success or failure in educational activities. The present study aimed at the investigation of the effects of some of these noncognitive variables on college academic performance of our students. More specifically, the purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between personality types, academic achievement motivation, status on admission and academic performance of college students. A separate and combined effect of each of the independent variable on academic performance was scrntinized. Two hundred thirty nine second year diploma students of KCTE were selected randomly. Data on personality variables and academic achievement motivation were obtained from MPI and AAM Self-Report inventory administered to these subjects. Students' personal documents and academic records were consulted in order to get data concerning status on admission and academic performance. Data were analyzed using chi-square test of independence, analysis of ....... variance, and stepwise regression analysis. The results of statistical analysis indicated that both personality dimensions (Introversion/Extraversion and Stability -Neuroticism) and personality types (stable introversion, stable extraversion, unstable introversion, and unstable extraversion) failed to have significant relationshop with CGPA of the subjects. Above average academic achievement motivation is found to be a factor in academic success. Status on admission is also found to affect academic excellence where the nonregulars were found to be inferior in their academic performance and as well as in their academic achievement motivation. Taken as a whole personality types, academic achievement motivation, and status on admission are found to have significant relationship with first year CGPA of the subj ects. Since the result of this study signals to the educationalists as to the importance of noncognitive variables, further research aimed at investigating the importance of noncognitive variables in the process of education is recommended.



Personality Types, Academic Achievement