Trends and Variations of Some Climatic Elements at Three Stations in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


T1'.€' pape r is or gan ized i nto six chapte rs . The f irs t and t he second chapters ~eal wi t h i n troduct ory discussions like spe cifi c obj e ctives, justi f ication and r a t ionale , data sources and methodo l ogy and revi ew of relat ed literature. The third, fourth and fif th chap t ers are analys is of s urface wind speed and dir ection, tempe rat ur e and r a infa ll patt e rns whe re as the sixth chapter is a summary of the findings and recommenda tio ns. Tre paper discusses the three climatic elements o f winds, t empe r ature and r a infall at t h ree stations in Addis ~ ~a b a . The decadal, mont hly and seascnal vRriations of these e l ements a t t he t hr ee sta ticns are examine d . Some te chniques of ti~e s eri es analysis have been employed to see so~e identifiable tr ends cf t he three climatic e l ements over ti me .



Trends and Variations