The Role of Action Research in Enhancing Quality of Education: the Case of Some Selected Secondary Schools in City Government of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to explore the role of action research in enhancing quality of education in CGAASS. To this end, both quantitative and qualitative research approaches were used for data collection and analysis. The subjects of the study were 153 teachers, 6 school principals 2 CGAAEB Officers, 3 SCEO Officers, and 15 FGD participants. A Questionnaire was used to collect data from teachers. Interviews were held with principals and educational officers to complement the information obtained through questionnaire. Focus group discussion was conducted with 15 teachers who were not included in questionnaire and research coordinating committee/unit members from three sample schools. Document analysis was also made to validate and triangulate information from different sources. Descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation and percentage), Chi-square and total mean score were used to analyze quantitative data. The result of teachers’ questionnaire, principals’ interviews and focus group discussion were found significantly consistent on the issues raised. However, discrepancy was observed between the results of educational officers’ interview and the information from teachers’ regarding (perception and research competence) towards the role of action research. Teachers’ potential towards action research was found not promising for 21.6% of them engaged in action research. The majority of the research works (70%) focused on fragmented and specific classroom skills rather than unified school wide academic issues. The practice of identifying the cause of educational problems and seeking solutions with action research was found at infancy stage in CGAASS. The involvement and support of the principals and educational officers in promoting action research for educational quality in CGAASS was found minimal and low. The major factors that impede teachers from involving in action research were: overload in teaching and other committee activities, unsupportive trend, lack of financial support, and lack of facilities in school for research work. Hence, it was recommended that the school principals and educational officers at various levels should create supportive research culture to overcome the challenges, short term practical refresher courses should be designed at SCEO and CGAAEB levels to build the capacity of the teachers for research competence. Principals and educational officers at SCEO and CGAAEB should promote best research works through structured and best research performances must be motivated in order to enhance quality of education