Production of Acoustic Material from Chrome Shaving Wastes and its Evaluation as Soundproofing

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Addis Ababa University


In tannery sectors, chrome shaving is one of the most hazardous solid wastes that have a serious impact on public health and the environment when discharged to the land without treatment. Utilization of large amount of chrome shaving waste is very critical to reduce environmental pollution effect. Hence, this research is focused on the production of acoustic material from chrome shaving wastes combining with animal fiber so as to reduce environmental problems of chrome shaving waste and to get value added products which is used as sound absorbing material in building applications. The acoustic material were prepared from chrome shaving waste and animal fiber using hydraulic pressing machine at the temperature of 150oc and pressure of 50bar. Styrene butadiene rubber was used for blending purpose and animal fiber (sheep wool fiber) was chosen as reinforcement due to its excellent sound absorbing capability and it has good fibrous content in nature. The effect of addition of animal fiber to the final product were assessed by varying ratios of concentrations in preparing of acoustic materials. The density and thickness of the acoustic materials were determined using appropriate measurements. The physical testing of the prepared materials were measured by controlling the temperature at 23.2oc and with relative humidity of 45.7%. The acoustic material (30% Cr & 70% W) were found as good material in the results of physical properties which have better tensile strength, elongation at break and tear strength when compared to the other acoustic materials. The sound absorption of the prepared acoustic material were measured using impedance tube with two microphones transfer function method. The results suggested that the acoustic material of (30% Cr & 70% W) and the acoustic material of (70% Cr & 30% W) have better sound absorbance in the lower and higher frequencies, which can be used as sound absorbing panel at home, class room, auditorium and music studio by providing good hearing ability thus making environmental friendly value added products from wastes.



Chrome shaving, acoustic, sound absorption coefficient, animal fiber, noise pollution