Inspection of factors for Successful Project Performance: a case in Alexander Pushkin - Gotera EPC Road Project

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Addis Ababa University


Project performance is the major thing that can clearly show the success of one construction process while the project performance itself can rely on several factors. And in this research, an investigation was done on the factors for successful project performance in Alexander Pushkin - Gotera EPC Road Project. Performance success has been observed in this project and I made this research paper to identify what kind of project performance factors were used in this project. Although the success of a specific construction method can be demonstrated by a project's performance, the project's performance can also depend on several other aspects. The evaluation of the Alexander Pushkin - Gotera EPC Road Project's performance is the main objective of this study. This study employed an explanatory design and utilized a quantitative research methodology to identify the variables influencing project outcomes. 50 questionnaires were given, and the stakeholders involved in the projects were surveyed for the data. 46 of the questionnaires (or 92%) were completed and sent on time to the researcher. SPSS was used to analyze the data collected, and tables and figures were used to show the findings. As a result of a number of circumstances, the project showed higher level of efficiency and had a great performance overall. This project evaluated and identified the elements that contributed to the result in subpar project outcomes, to ensure a successful performance



project performance, project management