Assessment Of Warehouse Management: The Case Of Pharmaceutical Fund And Supply Agency Head Office

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Addis Ababa University


Many developing countries spend large amount of money on purchasing health commodities; yet an estimated 60–80% of their population particularly in rural areas do not have constant access to even the most essential health commodities. The pharmaceuticals supply management system of Ethiopia has been suffering from several problems including non-availability, unaffordability, poor storage and poor stock management and irrational use of pharmaceuticals. Hence, the purpose of this study was to assess the practices and the major challenges of warehouse management in Pharmaceutical Fund and Supply Agency (PFSA) head office and to indicate the way forward for the improvement in the area. This research study applied descriptive research approach, quantitative and qualitative methods with primary and secondary sources of data so that the objectives of the study need be addressed. A total of 44 professional and technical employees who have warehouse management related works in Pharmaceutical fund and supply agency head office are engaged in the study. Self administered questionnaires with closed ended and open ended questions were used and the collected data were analyzed by SPSS 20. From the findings, the majorities of the employees, average 61.2% have awareness on the principles and procedures of warehouse operations but the sufficient number of trained personnel, safety and personal protective materials, limited number of functional handling materials and equipments are the major problems with an average of 62.3% respondents’ agreements. The warehouse managers followed the major procedures of warehouses operations, receiving, putting way and issuing, except that there are limitation on spaces constrictions, limitation on traceability of locations of pharmaceuticals storage areas and lack of handling equipments in the warehouses. Health Management Information System (HCMIS) software is founded to be, 86.3%, an efficient and effective tool on performing the warehouses operations. The major challenges found were HCMIS network connection, safety and security, design and layout of most warehouses and lack of management attention to the warehouse management area. Therefore; the agency needs to work closely with the warehouses related technical and professional workers for the efficiency and effectiveness of warehousing the pharmaceuticals in the health system.



pharmaceutical, warehouse, management