The Role of Government Information provision and Standardization Project in Ensuring Good Governance:the Case of six Addis Ababa City Administration Sector Organization

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Addis Ababa University


This study explores the role of Government Information Provision and Standardization Project in ensuring good governance. This is because according to the project office need assessment conducted on 2011 most of the sector organizations have problem on understanding right to information , information handling, organization and utilization therefore this study have investigated how the project office promote good governance and information provision on the city administration sector organizations. The study is descriptive type and has employed case study method for in depth investigation. The study was conducted on Addis Ababa city administration government information provision standardization project office and on six selected Addis Ababa city administration sector organizations. The cases are selected through purposive sampling and the respondents from the project office was selected by employing cluster and quota sampling whereas, the respondent from the sector organizations was selected through purposive sampling. The study has adopted qualitative approach using in-depth interviews, observation and document review techniques. In addition, descriptive and comparative case analysis method was used to attain the objectives of the study. The study findings indicate that the government information provision and standardization project office has contributed a lot in creating awareness about Right To Information by providing training for 4500 communication, ICT and PR officers of the sector organizations, and also it facilitated the use of alternative information provision alternatives by assisting information center establishment and website development on 34 and 47 sector organizations respectively. Besides, it has developed standards and manual for better improvement of government information provision. On other hand the sector organizations responses for the contribution of the project office varies sector to sector up on their understanding of the issue and acceptance of the project office



Ensuring good governance