Prospects of Outsourcing Food Service in Higher Learning Institutions (A Case of Addis Ababa University)

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The paper has focused on prospects of outsourcing food service with due regard to students satisfaction level with current food service; perceived satisfaction level if food service is outsourced; political and legal issues related to outsourcing food service; human resource related issues; willingness of potential subcontractors to accept the offer; correlation of current satisfaction level with perceived .§satisfaction level if the service is outsourced and the opinion of students related to cost at which the subcontractors may offer food service relative to budget limit per student per month. According to the finding of the study, the current inflationary situation becomes a -major obstacle in rendering food service- as expected. Moreover, even if the university is willing to outsource food service, potential subcontractors may not accept the offer due to the fact that the offer price is low (Birr 180 per student per month) relative to the current inflation rate. Outsourcing food service is politically and legally acceptable. The university believes that the precondition for outsourcing is that the subcontractors should accept the existing fooel serve related employees as their workers Jut to avoid the bad consequences of firing the employees. The current satisfaction level of students with food service is low and the students believe that if food service is outsourced, perceived satisfaction level with food service is high . The current satisfaction level with food service IS negatively correlated with perceived satisfaction level if food service is outsourced.



Food Service in Higher, Learning Institutions