Challenges of Journalist to Conduct Investigative Reporting: The of Oromia Broadcasting Networks

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Addis Ababa University


Investigative journalism is one of the basic responsibilities of public service journalism .It helps make the powerful accountable for their actions. This research was conducted to analyze the challenges of conducting investigative journalism in OBN. Both qualitative and quantitative research approaches was employed to conduct the study. In depth interview with media expert and media leaders applied. Questionnaire was felled by 100 journalists that were selected using systematic random sampling. Social responsibility and watch dog journalism theories were used as theoretical framework to inform the study. The study found that practicing investigative journalism in OBN mainly focus on issues of public and national concern. However, the investigations were found to be superficial and lacked in-depth research to reveal hidden facts. The major source of investigative reporting was tips liked information’s from different parts. More of investigative reporting practiced in OBN was reporting on investigated issues from like of information, an official, and discovery. The research reviles that internal challenges reporters face to conduct investigative reporting share 72%. External challenge journalist faces to conduct investigative reporting 82%. Organizational challenge shares 69%