The Status of Teachers Engagement in Action Research in High Schools of North Shawa Zone of Oromia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose oj this study was to explore the status oj teachers' engagement in action research work among the high schools oj Northern Shawa Zone of Oromia Regional State. The study was conducted in six high schools which were selected based on the number oj the staJJ they constituted and their proximity to transportation. The subject oj the study were 112 teachers drown Jrom the sample schools proportionally based on their work experience, ten school principals were selected which includes the deputy directors, six CPD committee members and Jive WEO experts were also included in the study. Observations oj documents were also made to validate and triangulate information Jrom difJerent sources. Descriptive statistics like mean, percentage, and average mean and grand mean score were used to analyze quantitative data. The results oj teachers ' questionnaire, principals and WEO experts' interview and CPD committee discussion were Jound to be consistent on the issue at hand. Teachers' skill and competence on action research was Jound to be on promising condition though their practical involvement looks very low. A number oj impeding Jactors including absence oj action research trend and low emphasis by school management were identified. Efforts Jind a solution to curb these impediments was Jound to be very low. Finally, it was recommended among other things that the school principals and CPD committee with WEO experts should work together to inculcate strong research culture in the school.