Impact of Knowledge Management System on Customer Service Employees Performance the Case of Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


This research aimed to identify the impacts of knowledge management system on employee performance of ethio telecom customer service department, call center employees. The researcher used quantitative research design among the various quantitative methods to explain the relationship variables that is to show the impacts of four independent variables which are knowledge acquisition, knowledge storage, and knowledge sharing and knowledge management system application on three dependent variables which are indicators of employee performance (innovational performance, operational performance and quality performance). Based on the usability of knowledge management system ethio telecom call center employees, working on 994 contact center are randomly selected from two cluster and questionnaire were administered to collect data from 316 sample respondents selected. Structural equation model (SEM) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were conducted to analyze the relationship and impact of KMS on employee performance of ethio telecom. The findings show that three of the independent variables (knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing and KMS application) had a positive and significant impact on quality performance, that means we can increase our organizations quality performance by giving more attention for knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing and KMS application, whereas knowledge management system application and knowledge acquisition had insignificant impact on innovational performance, but knowledge acquisition have positive and significant impact on operational performance, so to increase operational performance of an organization we should give more prominence to knowledge acquisition. And but the relationship between knowledge sharing, knowledge storage and KMS application on operational performance is insignificant.



Ethio Telecom, Knowledge Management System, Employees Performance