Factors That Affect the Usage of Hris in Public Health Institutions of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


In the current Information Age, the success of any organization is centered on the extent to which it is able to adopt new changes in Information Technology. Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is one of the automation which is a key element in health organizations to manage properly the scare resources. Managing information is essential to the modern HR function in any organization. This study is aimed at identifying the factors affecting the usage of HRIS in the public health institutions of Ethiopia. The specific objectives were to assess the extent of utilization of HRIS as well as to explore the existing challenges in using the system. This study used a total population of 265 staff members, a simple random sampling & purposive sampling were used to select 104 respondents. Data were collected through questionnaires, interview and focus group discussion. As a finding, employees in the sample organizations need the assistance of technology, however different constraints make them neglect and sometimes resist the use and adaptation of technology in their day to day operations. The application of HRIS is challenged by poor infrastructure or weak network connection, inadequate training or capacity building of employees , absence of continuous professional support and other related factors which as a result the HRIS technology cannot meet the expectation of the employees. Based on the findings of the study , the researcher recommended the government needs to be involved in solving the infrastructure related issues and make a policy to give training on Information system(IS) on different sectors of the country which as a result will help the attitude of the users regarding in usage of IS . The top management needs to be committed & dedicated for addressing the status of the utilization level of HRIS and give support or solve the critical factors identified.



HRIS, DeLone& McLean IS Success Model, System Quality, Information Quality, Service Quality, Use, User Satisfaction, Net Benefits