Impact of Leadership Attributes of Project Managers on Project Success: The Case of Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA)

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Addis Ababa University


Very little focus has been placed on the need for leadership competencies as requirements from PMs. This research study was conducted with the objective of determining the influence of leadership attributes of PMs on project success. Furthermore, it attempted to identify the leadership attributes that must be possessed by PMs through meta-analysis of previous literature and tried to determine the relationship between those attributes and project success. The meta-analysis revealed that four groups of leadership attribute namely personal trait, technical leadership skills, soft leadership skills and emotional intelligence. PMs selected for the study were first grouped into successful or unsuccessful PMs based on the performance level of the projects they were conducting. A structured questionnaire was distributed and data gathered were analyzed using SPSS version 20. It was found that all leadership attributes were positively correlated with project success. Personal traits were the most statistically significant determinants of project success followed by emotional intelligence, soft leadership skills and technical leadership skills, respectively. Other than those groups of leadership attributes, experience was also found to be a statistically significant determinant of project success. In summary, project success was positively affected by experience and the leadership attributes of the PM. Recruitment, selection and assignment of PMs to projects should be designed to include the experience and leadership attributes and Personality test should be administered to ensure personality-project fit. Training and experience sharing platforms in areas of team work, communication, project management and sensitivity trainings can have vital contribution towards improving leadership attributes required of the PM. A lesson learned documents, best practice documents as well as templates and processes like risk register, pert chart and quality assurance should be available in an organized manner



Leadership Attributes, Project Success, Project Leadership