Socio-Economic Effects of Prosopis Charcoal Production and Marketing: The Case of Gewane Woreda, Afar Region

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this research is to understand how and to what extent charcoal production and trade has been affecting the livelihood of pastoral communities in 'Galeila Dora' Kebele Administration, Gewane Wereda, Afar Regional State. The study focused on how the local coml'nunities respond to the negative effects of charcoal production Fom indigenous trees. Household surveys, focus group discussion, and key informant interviews were made to collect some valuable data and information relevant for this sludy. Besides, observation was also made to verify what has been actually happening to Ihe prosopis and indigenous trees in Ihe sludy siles. The resulls reveal that Ihe benefits and profils obtained ji-om charcoal produclion ji-om prosopis tree, which was formally initiated in this area, allracled the in/eresl of local communities, manage /0 improve the sla/lis of/heir livelihood!urlher allracled by this business which laler turned their face 10 the illegal CUlling and burning of indigenous trees for beller incomes ji-am Ihe sale 0/ charcoals of high qualily and highly demanded by the consumers in urban areas. As lillie goes on, the illegal culting 0/ indigenous Iree currently reached an alarming stage requiring corrective action 10 be laken. Owing 10 Ihis fOCI; Ihis study suggesled 11701 Ihe regional and local governmenl officials need to design syslemalic approaches on how to manage the indigenous Irees. Moreover, laking legal aclion on charcoal praducers ji-om legally prohibited indigenous Irees olher than the permitted prosopis Iree is urgently needed. Therefore, all government officials at all levels of adminislration need 10 discharge Iheir polilical commitment in close conslillation with the local communities in ensuring /0 encounter {he aggressive removal of indigenous Iree belore their complete destruction.



Socio economic impact of Prosopis charcoal production