The Implementation Process and Challenges of “Fee-free Medical Treatment Service” in Addis Ababa: The Case of AaBET Hospital.

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Addis ababa university


Fee free medicals service is aimed to provide fee free medical treatment for indigents and to help them to avoiding out of pocket expenditure at the time of illness. However, there was only limited attempt to document the implementation process of this service. This research explored and described the existing experience of the implementation process and challenges of ―fee free medical treatment service‖ in Addis Ababa: by taking AaBET Hospital as a case. Qualitative data were collected from 17 participants, documents and executive letters were reviewed in addition to observations. The study showed there are eight types of fee free medical services in AaBET Hospital, there are two departments to facilitate fee free service provision. Shortage of medical supplies, reimbursement challenges, misinformation, language barrier were some of the major challenges in the fee free service implementation in AaBET Hospital. The results of this study have positive impact by providing a lot for policy makers by showing the gaps, for practice and social work education. Key words AaBET Hospital, Fee free medical treatment, Ethiopia, Social work.



AaBET Hospital, Fee free medical treatment, Ethiopia, Social work.