Assessing the Role of Community Care Coalition in Providing Psychosocial Support to HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected People: The Case of Two Selected Woredas in Mekelle City

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Addis Ababa University


Communities have th eir own means of managing crisis faced by their members since time of immoral; and local networks like community care coalition plays prominent role in addressing basic needs of members of the community and HIV / AIDS infected peopl e. 2 HIV / AIDS affects all dimensions of person's life: physical, psychological, social and spiritual elements. Providing psychological and social support can help the infected people and their care givers to cope up effectively with each stage of the infection and enhances quality of li fe. In light of this, the main objective of this study was to examine and evaluate the role of Community Care Coalitions (CCCs) in providing psychosocial supports to people infected with and affected by HIV / AIDS in two selected woredas of Mekelle City. The research design employed was both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Participants were selected using both probability and non probability sampling techniques. Stratified sampling and purposive sampling techniques were used. Survey questionnaires, Focus Group Discussions and key informant interviews were data collection methods. The reliability of the survey questions was checked with Cronbach's alpha and measures of equivalence item analysis methods in pilot testing and found to be strong consistent(r=0.78). The content validity of the items was also checked by the inter judge rater professionals and found to be relevant. Data obtained from survey questionnaires was ana lyzed quantitatively using Pearson product coefficient, mean, standard deviation, two sample t-test, multiple regression, and AN OVA. In doing so, STATA V.ll.l soft ware was us ed. Qualitative data was analyzed thematically in line with key elements of ca re and support to PLWHA and vulnerable groups as identified by World Health Organization. The major finding indicates, provision of PSS for PLWHA and their fa milies is found to be very essential. The role of such community based care and support networks also play paramount significance in addressing the need of these target group. The provision of psychosocial support as one separate care and support package within CCCs, create significant difference between beneficiaries level of service satisfaction, relationship between service providers and receivers for the t- value is less than the P, 0.05 with 95% CI. This easy could help social workers to undertake further researches about psychosocial support to vu lnerable group that comes from home and community based supports. According to APA 6'h Ed page one starts at cover page and abstract is two and fin all y chapter one is th ree



Assessing the Role of Community Care Coalition in Providing