Predicting Role Conflict and Overload in Adult Women Students in Aau: The Case Of College of Commerce

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Addis Ababa University


The pUipose a/this sludy was 10 examine Ihe amounl or level of role conflicl and overload in adult women students as well as 10 idenlify 10 whal exlenl life siluations and tangible supporls predici role conflict and overload The approaches used in Ihis study were bOlh quanlilalive and qualitative study design. To this end, the questionnaire was distributed among 130 adult women sludenls who do have family and job responsibililies and inlerview was also held wilh 9 studenls. The sludy, found Ihall110re Ihan haifa/ adull women sludenls have high level 0/ role conflict and overload. if also showed thaI income was the only '{ie siluafion predictor, with lower income increasing vulnerabilily to role overload. In addition, /amily support was found 10 be Ihe slrongest prediclor of ,ole conflici and Ihus availabililY 0/ s!(!Jicient family support eased conflict. Adult educalors should push /01' increased access 10 adequale financial support and distance education option that may increase support for adult women students ·with multiple roles. Furthermore, adull educalors can help by pressing lor a range 0/ course schedule flexibility and student service offerings such as guidance and counseling services, while conlinuing 10 evaluate Ihe us~rulness of olher supporl/or differenl adull sludents.



Role Conflict and Overload in Adult Women Students