An Assessment of the Management Performance of the Addis Ababa Anbassa City Bus Enterprise

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The quality of life in the urban areas is directly related to the public transport. The major modes of public transportation in the city of Addis Ababa are buses higher or midi buses and minibus taxis. A government enterprise named Anbessa City Bus 7i"ansport Service Enterprise provides 30- 40% of the mobility need of the city dwellers. When compared with other modes of transportation in the city, the contribution of Anbessa is quite notable from environmental and congestion minimization position, that in order to make it more fruitful Its strengths and weaknesses have to be recognized. The aim of this research was to assess to what extent the management of Anbessa City Bus Transport Service enterprise understand the resource that the enterprise has in hand which has great contribution to act up on the current problem which hang the enterprise to not deliver the service demanded by customers. To reinforce this evaluation, a questionnaire aimed at knowing the impressions of Anbessa Employees is distributed, filled, tabulated and analyzed. In addition five years operational and financial performance of Anbessa was gathered and analyzed and noted. The result of the study disclosed that in spite of the long service that Anbessa has been going through, and the perpetual efforts of the current enterprise management. it IS unfortunate that the enterprise performance is sliding which aggravates the already weakened transport system of the city. World Bank studies and other tram port related literature reviews stand for or support the continued existence of public bus transport even at subsidy. Compared to Mini Bus Taxis which congested the roads of the cities, and pollute the environment, the benefit of buses is extremely higher that letting Abbess fall down will be a grave mistake. This study proposes alternative options that enable the enterprise to continue operation.



Bus Enterprise, Management Performance