E-Learning in Ethiopian Public TVET Colleges

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to assess whether teachers of public TVET colleges have an appropriate ICT skills and use of E-Learning tools in their teaching-learning activity so as to supplement the TVET courses. The thesis attempts to look into teachers' computer skills, experiences on the use of computers for academic, teaching and learning activities in addition to their views on the integration of E-Learning at college level. The study conducted using self-administered questionnaires, interviews and informal discussions with teachers and administrators in five public TVET colleges namely Entoto, Misrak, Silkiness, Threadbare and General Win gate. The results of the study generally revealed that: the existing ICT facility for teachers in Ethiopian public TVET Colleges is generally low; there is a need to facilitate the public TVET colleges to use computers and other ICT resources to support teaching; the public TVET College teachers' knowledge and skill in the use of computers in teaching-learning environment is low and in all the colleges, there is no E-Learning Program that help teachers to improve their ICT knowledge and way of teaching. Finding indicated that the status of TVET colleges in the provision of ICT infrastructure and the culture of the TVET teachers' in utilizing the existing computers, connectivity, and digital contents in the actual teaching and learning of subject areas have to be developed. In line with the above findings and conclusions, it was recommended that much emphasis have to be given by the concerned bodies in facilitating the public TVET colleges with ICT tools and up-grading teachers' ICT know-how in line with the quick changing technology through the use of E-Learning programs so as to produce digitally literate technology minded skilled manpower to support the educational development process in Ethiopia.



E-Learning in Ethiopian, public TVET