The Practice of Hazardous Materials Transportation Management in Case of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise.

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Addis Ababa University


Hazardous materials sometimes referred as hazmat have been defined in different ways in the past, for instance Hazardous Materials Cooperative Research Program defined it as substances that are flammable, explosive, or toxic or that, if released, produce effects that would threaten human safety, health, the environment, or property. The term often is mostly shortened to HAZMAT. Today, Hazmats are widely moved throughout the world by all modes of freight transportation, including ships, trucks, trains, airplanes, and pipelines. Following this, the safety, security, and environmental concerns associated with transportation of hazardous materials are growing in number and complexity. As Ethiopia is in development stage the need for these materials transportation will raise throughout the country, dalliance of unloading and loading due to lack of well-organized planning of machineries, manpower and poor communication with regard to truck arrival at the customer’s warehouses were the major challenges for transportation sector especially for hazmat transportation service. Transportation hazmat has been left behind meanwhile it has great impact on the environment if it creates leakage; incident; explosion and others during movement to and from site to site. So this study has been conducted with the aim of assessing Practice and management of hazardous materials transportation in Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise; with a descriptive research type. To do so questioners were developed and necessary data were collected from targeted group. Lack of appropriate truck with needed capacity, lack off efficient system to monitor and evaluate hazmat transportation and lack of attention from regulatory bodies are some major gaps observed in this study. Based on the findings to solve the problems the following recommendations has been forwarded; effective training program for existing staffs, implement controlling mechanism while shipments of hazmat are on loading & unloading and departmentalization & staffing to make the responsibility of each personnel clear & specific. Key Words: - Hazardous Material, Transportation Managemen



Hazardous material, Transportation managemen