Career Orientation of Accounting Professionals in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The issue of career orientations has become a critical component of career development of professionals in a rapidly changing world. To this effect, the career orientations of professionals employees is considered to have important implications for their job satisfaction, commitment, and retention within organizations. However, career orientations of professionals in general and that of Accounting professionals in particular have not yet been studied in Ethiopia. In view of the above, this study examines the career orientation held by accounting professionals in Ethiopia and the variation in the distribution of career orientation among category of accounting professionals having different occupational/ professionals status. Data for the study were obtained from 40 accounting professionals working in various organizations in Addis Ababa. The findings of the study suggest that the most prevalent career orientation among accounting professionals included in the sample are service/ dedication to a cause, entrepreneurial creativity, pure challenge and life style. The remaining types of career orientations (technical functional, general management competence, Autonomy/independence, security /stability.) are found to be less predominant. However the results obtained for each dimensions indicated the existence of variation in the distribution of career orientation across the sample categories of accounting professionals.



Accounting Professionals in Ethiopia