Factors Affecting the Participation of Women in Leadership in Secondary Schools of East Wollega Zone

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This study aims at analyzing specific factors affecting women participation in educational leadership in selected public secondary schools in East Wollega Zone. To conduct this study, a descriptive survey design was employed. The participants of this study were 130 selected by using purposive sampling techniques. Out of these 95 participants are teachers. Twenty women included from teaching staffs to get more insight from females, four principals, four vice principals, three officers from woreda education office, and four school supervisor. Data were collected by using questionnaire, interview and document analysis. Both quantitative and qualitative data analysis were employed in order to reach at the result. Later on data were cleaned, coded, fed in and analyzed by using SPSS version 20 as a tool that helps for descriptive analysis of the data. The findings of the study revealed that school leadership seems as if it is mainly kept for men alone. Among the various reasons for low female participation in school leadership social factors, sex role stereotyping has deterring effect as these issues label females as weak and dependent, not as leaders in a family or community. Female teachers’ involvement in school leadership is at its very low. This is mainly influenced by social factors that give lower position for females due to sex role stereotyping. Moreover, there is a tradition that dictates women role as caregivers at home, giving them more burden at home providing them with less time to invest in school leadership. Women also face severe discrimination from institutional side due to organizational culture and structural problems than what men face. Women has shown less personal aspiration in seeking for leadership position.



Females’ participation, school leadership, secondary school, economic factor, social factor, individual factor, gender and leader ship