Factors Affecting Consumers' Buying Decision of a TV Brand in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Understanding consumers’ behaviour helps marketers to offer a product that qualifies the values of their customers to the best. Consumers’ behaviour is reflected when they buy, use, and dispose of a product. The purpose of this study was to analyse factors which affect consumers’ buying decision of a TV Brand in Addis Ababa. To attain this research objective, quantitative data that were collected from a total of 367 sample respondents through a self-administered questionnaire were used and explanatory research design was applied to identify any causal links between the research variables. The study used both descriptive and inferential statistics. The data obtained from the sample population, selected using convenience sampling technique, was analysed using the 26th version of Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS). The analysis reveals that Country of the Origin, Brand Image, Product Features, and Price have a significant influence on the prediction of Consumers’ Buying Decision of a TV brand. Though Promotion has a positive effect on consumers’ purchase decisions, it is not, however, statistically significant. To determine whether there is a difference in purchasing decisions of a TV brand based on demographic characteristics (Gender, Age, Education Level and Monthly Income) of the respondents, T-test and One-Way ANOVA were computed. The result shows all, except Monthly Income, have no statistically significant relationship with Consumers’ Purchase Decision of a TV brand. Results from the study are expected to provide stakeholders in the industry with a variety of ideas to understand their customers which will help them to develop and implement effective marketing strategies



marketers, Consumers’ behaviour, Brand Image