Design and Optimization of Electric Motor Driven Mechanical Oil Press

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Addis Ababa University


There are different types of oil press machine developed previously which are used to squeeze oil from different types of an oil seed. In this Research work one type of oil press, manually operated oil press, is improved into electric motor driven mechanical oil press with rack and pinion gear system as a main mechanical part of the machine. This improvement is used to solve the cost problem, reduce work time, and streamline the existing machine to be more efficient and productive. The main procedures to comply this improvement are design of parts of the machine to get optimized dimensions of the parts and setting the controlling mechanism. In this procedure main parts of the machine are designed to find their dimensions and to select appropriate material and also its stress analysis is performed using finite element analysis software to find stress concentration area and its maximum stress value and then to compare with values obtained in the design analysis. The other part and power source of the machine is an electric motor, in this thesis it is also dealt with selection of motor type including its specification for safe and appropriate operation. The controlling mechanism of the motor using microcontroller for automatic operation of the motor is selected and assembly language has been written since the motor is bi-directional or it rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise, which is used to move the ram up and down. After completing the design obtained results and selected materials are safe to squeeze edible oil.



Mechanical Design Stream