Promotional Activities and Customer Based Brand Equity: An Empirical Study in the Ethiopian Beer Market

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Addis Ababa University


Powerful promotion activities are among the key equipment or tools in building brand equity in organizations. However, the main challenge is, knowing different effect of these promotion activities on one‘s brand equity to select the right mix. The purpose of this research was to study the relationship between promotional activities and brand equity through mediation effect of brand equity dimensions using Ethiopian beer market. The structural model of the effects of promotional mix elements on brand equity defined in line with the existing theoretical findings. In order to test the defined structural model and research hypotheses survey conducted on the sample which has been selected from target population of Addis Ababa beer customers through convenience and random sampling method. Data collected using structured questioners and then data analysis performed using structural equation model in Amos 20.0 and SPSS 20. The finding showed that most of promotion activities are not currently contributing to the brand equity however, among them billboard ads, TV ads and WOM has been more or less effective.



brand equity, dimensions of brand equity, promotional activities