Assessment of Malt Quality Attributes of Barley (Hordeum Vulgarre L) Genotypes Grown in Bekoji, Holeta and Ankober, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Barley is a crop of ancient origin in Ethiopia which is an important food source and industrial crop for beer production. This research was conducted to study the malt quality attributes of advanced malt barley (Hordeum vulgare L) genotypes in the central high lands of Ethiopia. Sixteen malt Barely varieties (four released varieties which were in production such as Holker, Traveller, EH1847 and IBON174/03and twelve promising varieties) were analyzed for their grain, malt and wort quality parameters. Except germination energy, the analysis of variance reveled that grain, malt and wort quality parameters were not significantly different among the sixteen varieties. Grain, malt and wort quality parameters were significantly different between the three locations. The Grain quality parameters for sixteen Varieties such as sieve size, germination energy, moisture content, hectoliter weight ,thousand kernel weight and protein content were ranged from 78.83%-92.66%, 13-99.33%, 12-13%, 64.36-67.3 kg/hL, 44.55-51.6 g, 9.0-11.5%, respectively. The malting and wort quality parameters for sixteen Varieties ,fine grind extract, coarse grind extract, extract difference, color of wort, pH of wort, malt moisture content, protein content, soluble protein content, kolbach index, friability, diastatic power, free amino nitrogen, zinc content and calcium content were ranged from 67.18-72.91%,64.91-69.79 ,2.43-4.89%,2.66-4.83%,5.84-6.03%,9.94-11.59%,3.51-5.43,32.92-75.5,50.9-76.7,288.8-428wk,223.48-357.06mg/L,1.72-5.08mg/L,475.75-742.0mg/L, respectively. Varieties MB1, MB3, MB5, MB7, MB9, and MB4 gave better result in grain and malt quality trait compared to the standard check over the three locations Bekoji, Holeta and Ankober. The varieties were differently responded for grain, malt and wort quality parameters. Varieties over locations did not perform consistently for grain, malt and wort quality parameters. However, most of the varieties fulfilled the quality requirements and within the acceptable range of the European Brewery Convention (EBC) and Asela Malt factory standard.



Malt Barley, Malt Quality, Standard Check