Determinants of Industrial Parks Performance: The Case of Bole Lemi Industrial Park

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The topic determinants of industrial parks performance on the Bole Lemi industrial park have been not widely explored as an area of study. Some studies have tried to identify the determinants and its effect of park performance in the Bole Lemi industrial parks. However, with industrial park performance there have been many divergent findings due to different variables exhibiting different behaviors and models that attempt to identify factor affecting performance of Bole Lemi Industrial parks. The objective of this study was to examine the determinants of park performance and its effect on Bole Lemi industrial parks. A quantitative research design and explanatory research approaches were used. Primary data was collected using a five-point Liker scale and open-ended questions also structured interview with managers and experienced experts. The study had 96.4% response rate. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23 was employed to analyze the data. And it was found that the overall mean score of availability and quality of labor force, availability of infrastructure and service, park location, tax and incentives and government policies and strategies ranges between 3.798 and 3.343 which show the higher level of agreement of respondents. The correlation result indicates high level of association of the independent and dependent variables. The R2 value of dependent variable park performance and independent variables found 0.766 and 0.757. The result suggested availability and quality of labor force, infrastructure and service, park location and government policies and strategies are direct effect on park performance and determine the performance of Bole Lemi industrial park. Based on the finding from the study to improve the performance of Bole Lemi industrial park working on this independent variable may maintain its productivity and effectiveness.



Park Performance, Availability and Quality of Labor Force