The Practice of Investigative Journalism in Fana Broadcasting Corporate. The case of teguazh neqash investigative program

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Addis Ababa University


This research was conducted to analyze the practice of investigative journalism in Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) on case of “Teguazh Neqash” investigative radio program. Qualitative research approach was employed to conduct the study. In depth interview with eight target sample respondents and systematically selected 12 investigative programs broadcasted during the last three years (2014-2017) were collected and content analyzed to address the research objective. Agenda setting and Gatekeeping theories were used as theoretical framework to inform the study. The study found “Teguazh Neqash” investigative radio program in FBC practicing investigative journalism mainly focusing on issues of public and national concern. However, the investigation is found to be superficial and lacked in-depth research to reveal the probable hidden facts. The program uses inputs from the community and investigative journalists as a major source of areas of issues to be investigated. Failure to challenge the stakeholders and making the actors accountable expose system failure and making impact in policy, administration or public debate and support public complaint and claims with factual based investigation were found as the major problems of the program. Lack of interested journalists working as investigative reporter in the program and lack of sufficient man power and shortage of time to conduct an in-depth investigation were found as factors challenging the practice of investigative journalism in FBC.



teguazh neqash