Determinants of Consumer Preferences in Addis Ababa Restaurants

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This study was proposed to explore the determinants of consumer preferences in Addis Ababa restaurants. using consumer behavior literatures and theories it was hypothesized that disposable income, price, quality, hygiene practices,friendlines of restaurant staff, safety offood and range or menu variety are important determinants of consumer choice for restaurants. Primary data were generated from 265 customers of 55 restaurants randomly selected with the use of questionnaire of which 258 of the questionnaire ended usable. the non-parametric hypothesis testing statistical tool, chi - square tests, and measures of variation were used for statistical analysis purposes. the anticipation of the researcher was that the hypothesis testing results would be significant in parallel with the hypothesized facts The findings of the research suggest that income has insignificant impact up on quality price trade of among consumers of different income categories. other hypothesis associated with price, quality, friendliness of restaurant staff, 'quick table service and range or menu varieties are found to be statistically significant Over all, the research results suggest that restaurateurs should design marketing strategy that integrates the allributes used in this study to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers and differentiation of their products and services on the basis of the variables scored as they are significant considerations by consumers



Preferences, consumer