Impact Assessment of Interventions on Agriculture Commercialization Cluster Program: A Case Study of Malt Barley Cluster in Oromia Region

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to analyze the potential impact of interventions on Agricultural Commercialization Clusters (ACCs) of malt barley in Arsi Zone, Oromia region. It also had a specific objective of investigating analyzing the impact that were observed after the smallholder farmers participated in the ACCs through descriptive analysis. This research used quantitative approach and followed descriptive research approach on the analysis of ACC that is a relatively new concept in Ethiopia. The findings of this study indicate that more than half of the participants (62%) have observed an impact on their livelihood after participating on the ACCs. This impact observed was analyzed in the aspect of crop quality, production quantity, productivity, cost of production, and investment. Based on the findings of this study it is recommended that; ATA should give attention to creating awareness about the importance of market linkage amongst the value chain actors of the ACCs and work on improving the network of suppliers and consumers while maximizing the coverage of the beneficiaries within ACCs. The stakeholders involved in the ACC value chain should also work together to ensure on time supply of quality products to maximize the impact of the interventions on the ACCs. Finally, significant attention and support should be provided to improve the collaboration of the government institutions. Further study is also recommended on the correlation of the interventions individually with the different components of the results of ACCs. The level of commercialization should also be investigated to understand to what extent the intervention is helping the Agricultural clusters in the commercialization process. This could be achieved through longitudinal, multidimensional, and comprehensive analysis.



Agricultural Commercialization Cluster, Malt Barley, Smallholder farmer