Comparative Study on Bond Behavior of Structural Concrete Made of Scoria Aggregates

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Addis Ababa University


Scoria aggregate is one of the most widely found natural lightweight materials in Ethiopia. This research compares the bond behavior of reinforced concrete, produced by scoria aggregates with normal-weight aggregate concrete. In this study, pull-out tests were performed on cubic (150x150x150mm) and cylindrical (150x300mm) specimens, with embedded reinforcing bars (diameter 14mm, 16mm, and 20mm). Three concrete mix types were studied having; scoria coarse and fine aggregate (Sc-Sc), scoria coarse aggregate and natural sand (Sc-Sa), and natural sand fine aggregate and crushed stone/gravel coarse aggregate (N). The results of the experiment showed that scoria aggregate concrete has reasonably less bond strength as compared to normalweight concrete. Moreover, the design bond strengths of the three concrete mixes used in the experiment were calculated using the provisions given by the two codes, Euro code-2 and ACI318. Then comparison was done between the results of the two codes and that of the experiment. Consequently, the reduction in bond strength of scoria aggregate concrete obtained from the experiment was found to be lower than the results of the two codes. This signifies that equations given by both the ACI and Euro code are in safe range to be used for calculating the design bond strength and anchorage length of scoria aggregate concrete.



bond, bond strength, compressive strength, slip, pull-out, scoria, tensile strength