Magnitude and Associated Factors of Difficult Airway in Pregnant Mothers who Underwent Caesarean Section Under General Anesthesia in all Governmental Hospitals of Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba University


Background: Difficult airway contributes to higher number of maternal morbidity and mortality attributed to anesthesia. Especially in developing countries like Ethiopia in which economical problems impart wide varieties of infrastructural challenges such as lack of appropriate facilities, equipments, highly trained anesthetists, antenatal care of pregnant women and continues and up to date trainings for the professionals who are part of the clients care. Objectives: To assess the magnitude and risk factor of difficult airway among pregnant mothers who underwent general anesthesia for caesarean section in all governmental hospitals of Addis Ababa from February 1- April 30 2016. Methods: Institutional based cross sectional study was conducted from February 1- April 30, 2016 in eight governmental hospitals of Addis Ababa city that provide General Anesthesia for Caesarean section. A total of 302 participants were included in the study period. Patient demographics, airway management, difficult intubation, failed intubation were studied among participants in which general anesthesia was given. Result: The study found that the magnitude of difficulty intubation was 5.6%. The result of multivariate analysis showed that age group 25-29, 30-34, mandibular protrusion and history of exposure to anesthesia were strongly associated with difficulty intubation at p-value less than 0.05. The odd of developing difficulty intubation was five times less in mallampati class I than the odd of developing difficulty intubation in mallampati class II (AOR, 5.436, 95%C.I;.627- 47.089) Conclusion: General anesthesia is most commonly used in cases where emergent delivery was needed. The magnitude of difficult intubation and failed intubation is higher in this study than studies conducted in other parts of the world. Keyword: difficult airway, difficult intubation, caesarean section, failed intubation



Difficult airway; Difficult intubation; Caesarean section; Failed intubation