Government Employees Attitude toward Domestic and Foreign Leather Foot Wears: The Role of Country of Origin and Ethnocentrism

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Addis Ababa University


As globalization proceeds and the world economy are changing, it is recognized that assessing consumers’ attitudes towards domestic and foreign products is of a great necessity. The purpose of this dissertation was to study whether or not government employees’ attitudes toward purchasing domestic versus Chinese made leather footwear differ among Government employees in Addis Ababa. Variables investigated include leather footwear attributes and demographic characteristics. Also, the effects of country of origin and consumer ethnocentrism were examined. Multistage stage sampling and survey questionnaire was employed to collect the primary data in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. A total of 343 Government employees completed and returned useable questionnaires. The findings showed that government employees’ attitudes toward domestic versus Chinese made footwear differed not significantly. Interestingly, relative to other footwear attributes, country of origin was generally of low importance in Government employees’ decision-making. For consumer ethnocentrism, the results indicated that government employees’ had lower ethnocentric tendencies and there was a positive correlation between Government employees’ ethnocentrism and attitude towards domestic footwear and there was negative correlation between consumer ethnocentrism and attitude towards Chinese made leather footwear. Furthermore, demographic variables did not show effects on consumer ethnocentrism



Attitude, country of origin, Ethnocentrism