The role of locally improved organic agricultural inputs utilization for sustainable crop production: evidence from Assosa zuriya woreda, Benishangul Gumz region, western Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa University


Organic inputs are importantly needed for organic and sustainable agriculture, especially biological fertilizers, biological nutrients, biological insecticides, biological fungicides and biological herbicides together with other cultural practices and conventional methods. Despite this fact there are limited studies carried out in Ethiopia on their contribution for sustainable crop production. Therefore, this study was focused on the role of locally improved organic agricultural input for sustainable crop production in one woreda of Benishangul Gumuze western Ethiopia. Household survey, focus group discussions and key informant interview was used as a data collection method. These were followed by descriptive statistical analysis of quantitative data with SPSS and thematic analysis of qualitative data. The in the study area 68.8% from the surveyed community started utilizing of organic agricultural input. Age of household, educational level and household family size has a positive implication to introduce utilization of locally improved agricultural input. The surveyed community interested in using the input due to its economic benefit. This encouraged the implementation of utilizing organic input. Based on the findings it is concluded that getting more attention from ministry of agriculture, linking with the agricultural extension system for the country, better collaboration of governmental and non-governmental organization, organizing capacity building programs, practical oriented trainings are needed to scale out this practice and enhance technology uptake. Consequently, this can help the community to increase tier production sustainably, thereby minimizing production cost. Understanding the role of organic input utilization provides baseline information for input intensification policies and strategies. Therefore, this review pointed out that it is very important to practice and adopt utilizing of organic input utilization by smallholder farmers sustainable crop production



Organic input, locally improved organic inputs, sustainable crop production