Socio-Economic Roles of Microfinance in Women Empowerment. The Case of Burayu Town.

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to explore and describe th e role olmicrofinance enterprise in women ',I' socio - economic empowerme nt in Burayu town. Mixed method research design was used for this study. The data was callect ed using questiannaires, interviews, and focus group discussions. The required data for this study was collected Fom 77 women clients of' Bumyu, thr ee o./Jicials, and five experts of the institution. The analysis olthe study was conducted using exploratOlY and descriptive stali stics analyses. The results olthe study indica ted Ihat micro:financing scheme has positive impacts on women's economic empowerment as measured by improved women clients household incomes and asset possession levels ((fier they became the clients o.lthe institution. There are also improved changes like participation olwomen in household decision-making and escalations in their number o.l children attending school because of the economic changes o.llhe women clients. Therefore, based on the findings o.lthis study Burayu micro-jinance institution has contributed socia-economic benefits to the Iivelihood5 ol women beneficiaries ol microfinance through the provision of financ ial services to the poor, especially poor women in th e study area. Since their working area is new and farfi'om the main road, lack ol market linkages and shortages in development of inlrastructure services are some ol the main problems for women clients ol Burayu institution. Key words:, Socio-economic empowerment


Keywords,, Socio-economic empowerment