Study on the potential of some botanical Powders and Nimbecidine® for the management of Sesame seed bug (Elasmolomus sordidus, Fab.) (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) in Humera, Northwest Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Sesamum indicum is one of the oldest oil seed crop grown for its high oil content in many countries. Elasmolomus sordidus is the major pest of sesame seeds both in field and storage condition. This experiment was done to evaluate the efficacy of Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinaraefolium), neem (Azadirachta indica), birbira (Milletia ferruginea) and nimbecidine oil for the management of the series sesame seed pest, E. sordidus as alternative management options of synthetic pesticides. The bug was reared in the field on sesame seeds as a feed and the other test in the laboratory at 32±20C and 50 to 60% RH. Powder of pyrethrum, neem, birbira, and nimbecidine oil were tested under laboratory condition for its ability to protect sesame seeds against E. sordidus with respect to adult and nymph mortality, egg inhibition and seed weight and oil loss. For comparison standard check malathoin and untreated sesame seeds were included. Moreover treated sesame seeds and bagging materials were provided to evaluate the efficacy of treated seeds against weight loss due to E. sordidus. In addition treated sesame seeds in open plastic buckets were also provided in highly infested area to evaluate the efficacy of the botanicals against uncontrolled visitors of sesame seed bug both in weight loss and mean mortality. Hundred percent mortality of adult and nymph of E. sordidus were obtained with Pyrethrum powder at all levels of concentrations after 24 hour exposure time. About 100% mortality was also obtained in all concentrations of neem and birbira after 48hrs after treatment application. Nimbecidine also achieves >90% nymph and >70% adult mortality 48 hrs after treatment application. Sesame seeds treated with the botanicals also achieved excellent egg inhibition up to >70% in pyrethrum. Sesame seeds treated with neem and nimbecidine showed low weight loss than Malathion treated seeds after 50th day storage in the shade area due to the E. sordidus. In the treated sacks neem and nimbecidine showed lower weight loss than the others but there was no difference from Malathion. In open bucket lowest weight loss, oil loss and highest mortality of uncontrolled visiting seed bug was recorded in pyrethrum than the other treatments with no recorded oil loss in the closed control. Accordingly, these results indicated that the use of powders of the tested plants and nimbecidine can give effective control of the most important pest of stored sesame seed E. sordidus. Keywords: Elasmolomus sordidus, sack treatment, seed treatment, uncontrolled visitors, shade, plant powders, weight loss



Elasmolomus Sordidus, Sack Treatment, Seed Treatment, Uncontrolled Visitors, Shade, Plant Powders, Weight Loss