An Assessment of Success factors affecting project Implementation: Case of Integrated Financial management Information System of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This paper dealt with an assessment of success factors such as; Goals and mission, team competence, project structure, stakeholder involvement and M&E system that affect the implementation of IFMIS project. Both qualitative and quantitative approach were sought that descriptive statistics was used for quantitative analysis and QDA were employed to triangulate the findings, thus 32 respondents were randomly selected and surveyed using likert 5-scale structured questionnaire to find the whether these mentioned factors can affect the success of IFMIS implementation. Therefore it is found that 75% of respondents claimed that clear goals & missions, 92% of respondents said team competence, 65% of respondents said that project structure, 95% of respondents agreed that stakeholder involvement and 71% said M&E system are success factors for effective implementation of IFMIS project. Moreover the findings from QDA showed that all the above factors are important for the success of the project except there is less focus given to many of the factors understudy by PMO. It is concluded that goals and missions, team competence, project structure, stakeholder involvement and M&E system are important success factor in effective implementation of IFMIS project. Therefore, it is recommended that Participation of all stakeholders in planning stage and orient all newly recruited staffs to the goals and missions of organizations as well as project goals and objectives. Training of new staffs, clear communication, strong induction, motivate teams, establish strong performance evaluation system and conduct staff satisfaction survey. Project organizational structure should be strong matrix to give the project manager more power. Establish strong communication system with stakeholders and using M&E reports in decision making to take corrective actions in the project implementation process. Key words:



Project implementation, success factors, success measures