Psychosocial experiences kidney transplant Patients at ST. PAULOS Millennium Medical College

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Dialysis is available as an alternative remedy for renal impairment, however, kidney transplantation is generally the preferred treatment as it tends to extend life-span and lead to an improved quality of life, in addition to being more cost-effective than dialysis. This is primarily due to the significant limitations caused by dialysis, many of which can be resolved by Kidney transplantation. The general objective of this study was to explore psychosocial experiences of kidney transplant patients before and after transplant at St. Paul‟s Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A total of ten participants were included using the purposive sampling method. Interviewer administered semi-structured data collection instrument made up of open and closed ended questions were used. Careful verbatim transcriptions of the gathered data were done. Data were analyzed with Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. It‟s found that loss of freedom, uncertainty about timely transplant, social isolation, economic crisis, distracted self-image, and lowered elf-esteem emerged as psychosocial challenges during dialysis. Re-birth, thankfulness, social bond, liberty from dialysis, self-efficacy and social support were emerged as positive psychosocial experiences whereas dependency, fear of the future, adherence challenge, and regret emerged as negative psychosocial experiences. The researcher concluded that compared with dialysis, life after receiving a kidney is pleasant and enabling though it is not without challenges. While patients developed psychosocial crisis they become non-compliant with the treatment. The study recommends that every concerned stakeholder including government, hospitals and different concerned authorities should take part in supporting the dialysis and kidney transplant patients in order to address those individuals‟ psychosocial experiences.



Kidney Transplantation, psychological experience, dialysis