The Geographical Study of the Root Causes of Infant Mortality in Rural Areas: The Case of Misraq Badawacho Woreda, Hadiya Zone, Snnpr, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The reduction of child mortality is one of the millennium development goals of the ministry of heath of Ethiopia. No doubt some efforts have been made to minimize the problem. The problem is more serious in urban areas than rural areas.Accordingly with the overall aim of understanding the root causes of infant mortality in rural areas a study was conducted Misrak Badawacho district in southern Region. As a methodology four kebeles have been selected using combination of factors including agro-ecology, magnitude of the problem and accessibility. Accordingly a total of 160 productive age women have been selected using stratified sampling. This was complemented with focus group discussions with differentstakeholders. Generally the finding of the study indicate that the magnitude of infant mortality is very high in the rural areas and factors attributing to the high magnitude includes early marriage, low level of education, widespread poverty, socio-economic values of children, lack of access to modern health facilities are some to be mentioned. Finally it was recommended that the improving the livelihood of the community is fundamental and need to be complimented with expansion of social services mainly education and health.



Geography and Environmental Studies