Risk Factors of Neonatal Mortality in Ethiopia: Applications of Survival Analysis Methods

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Addis Ababa University


Neonatal m011ality accounts for almost 40 percent of under-five child mortality, globally (WHO 2005). An understanding of risk factors related to neonatal mot1ality is important to guide the development of focused and evidence-based health interventions to reduce neonatal deaths. This study aimed to identifY the risk factors of neonatal mortality in Ethiopia. The data source for the analysis was the 20 II EDI-IS data from whi ch survival information of 8,651 li ve-born neonates born fi ve years before the survey was examined. Stratified Cox-proportional hazards model was employed to analyze risk factors associated with neonatal deaths, using socio-economic, demographic and maternal health service factors. About 71 % and 79% of the neonatal deaths occurred within the first and second weeks of follow-up time, respectively. The estimated hazard ratios of mortali ty were higher for twins or multiple births (HR=3.728, 95% CI: 2.813-4.942), first order birth (HR=1.675 , 95% CI: 1.252-2.242), male sex (HR=1.26, 95% CI: 1.057-1.50 I), birth interval shorter than 24 months (HR=1.633, 95% CI:1.3 12-2.032), very small and very large sized neonates at birth, (HR=1.833, 95% CI:I.457-2.305) and (HR=1.966, 95% CI: 1.535-2.5 19), respectively, neonates born to mothers aged less than 20 years and above 34 yeaTs, (HR=1.382, 95% CI:1.051-1.8 18) and (HR=1.323, 95% CI:1.060-2.799), respectively, and neonates whose mothers had a history of pregnancy complications (HR = 1.732, 95% CI: 1.266-2.239). The risk of dying were lower for neonates whose mothers attended antenatal visits (HR=0.716, 95% CI: 0.577-0.889) and neonates put to breast immediately upon birth (HR=0.828, 95% Cl: 0.693-0.989). Thus, public health interventions directed at reducing neonatal death should address demographic and maternal health service factors which significantly influence neonatal mortality in Ethiopia.



Risk Factors of Neonatal Mortality in Ethiopia