The Output Light from a Three-Level Laser and a Coherently driven Cavity Mode

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Addis Ababa University


In this thesis we study the statistical and squeezing properties of the output light from a degenerate three-level laser and a coherently driven cavity mode coupled to a vacuum reservoir. Applying the propagator method [1], we first obtain the Q function for the cavity coherent light as well as the light generated by the three-level laser. We then determine the Q function for the superposition of the two light beams. Applying the input-output relation, we determine the Q function for the output light. Employing the Q function for the output light, we have calculated the mean photon number, the variance of the photon number, the quadrature variance, and the squeezing spectrum. It is found that the mean photon number we have obtained is greater than the mean photon number obtained using the Q function derived from a single master equation for the cavity mode (i.e when the cavity coherent photons are interacting with the three-level atoms). However, this interaction doesn’t affect the quadrature variance and the squeezing spectrum of the output light



Three-Level Laser and a Coherently