Assessment Of The Importance Of Project Management Soft Skills In The Project Success: A Case Study On The Joint Programme Rural Women´s Economic Empowerment

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Addis Ababa University


The ability to effectively manage projects and programs has become an increasingly important skill. However, many project managers are not able to successfully lead projects due to a deficiency of the necessary project management skills. Many projects suffer not from technical delivery, but from a lack of the soft skills that practitioners need to execute a project. The study focuses on the Joint Programme Rural Women´s Economic Empowerment (JP RWEE) which was developed by four non-government organizations to accelerate economic empowerment of rural women in Afar and Oromia. Soft competencies such us emotional intelligence, leadership, communication have significant influence when dealing with people. These important skills are often overlooked at the project management processes, and it is important to understand what these skills entail. The study uses descriptive research method of data analysis to analyze both primary and secondary data sources. The primary source includes interviews, questionnaires and the researcher’s observation. While secondary sources are books, journals, company reports and websites respectively. The study applies non-probability sampling technique. Questionnaires have distributed for 25 farmers association male and female members, 6 coworkers, 12 government and non-government partners officials to draw a sample from respondents. In addition, self-assessment and co-workers assessment conducted in order to analyze the practice of project management basic skills. The researcher’s personal observation was also used to collect additional qualitative data. The general objective of this study is evaluating the soft skills used in a selected project, and assessing the impact of soft skills in the success/failure of any project. The findings of the research indicates that core competencies that help achieve a success especially in humanitarian projects are soft-skills. The researcher recommends few actions to be taken in order to capitalize these skills



Soft-skills, Hard-skills, Project Management, Core competencies